When buying a property in Spain, what is the difference between hiring “Ricor Solicitors” or some other unregulated or non-independent advisors? Very simple, the difference lies in the paramount quality of the legal services offered by our Law Firm.
At Ricor Solicitors, we believe in Excellence…always

Dear Readers,

As you already probably know by know, many English people have bought in good faith beautiful properties in Spain only to discover to their horror that they were totally ILLEGAL or effected by breach of planning law, which resulted in heavy penalties and fines.

We are proud to inform you that we have saved many clients from buying illegal dwellings affected by serious charges and encumbrances or land grab situations, environmentally protected land, etc.

Our high rate of success is explained by the fact that we always prepare for our clients a written LEGAL REPORT to our clients,- before any deposit is paid to the seller or developer- which contains the outcome of our background legal investigations. Our Reports offer independent and transparent advice as we ensure that relevant searches are rigorously carried out at the local town hall and land registry, tracking all property records and investigating any possible local urbanization plans affecting the property. We do check that there are no debts and the vendor, who is selling it, has the permission to sell it-i.e, he is actually the current owner.

Likewise, we also personally check that the purchase contract our clients finally sign is 100% legal and we protect our clients when the Builder, Agent or Vendor try to mislead our clients into signing a purchase contract with abusive clauses (this is unfortunately a very usual bad practice among many unreliable Sellers). For example, please find enclosed just an extract of a recent report recently prepared for a new client of us who wants to buy a property located in the Murcia region. Bear in mind that the full report which cannot disclose due to confidential reasons, is much more comprehensive, as it gives very useful pre-completion instructions as well as a detailed breakdown of expenses related to the purchase conveyance.

Subsequently, in case you might be considering buying a property in Spain, remember that our goal will be to protect your interests in the best possible way and above all, that you buy a 100% property legal. RICOR ABOGADOS can guarantee you that.

In fact, our legal reports have fortunately saved many of our loyal clients from thousand of euros in expensive lawsuits and protracted litigation. If you kindly check our testimonials section of our website www.ricorbogados.com, you will find plenty of testimonials form real clients who put their trust in our Firm and they are all now all extremely grateful to our Firm for the excellent work and protection offered, which fills us with a lot of professional proud.

Finally, we would like-if we may- to stress the point that buying a property is a serious matter. Considering how much is at stake (all the life savings of many private investors) and the huge number of swindles and frauds committed by unreliable estate agents in Spain over the past few years, the right criteria when choosing an independent Solicitor must not be exclusively the price or the size of the office, but the paramount quality of the services to be offered by the law firm.

Thank you very much again for your attention and we look forward to giving you a personalized service and the benefit of our “KNOW HOW´´.
Yours sincerely,

Mr Antonio Ricor
Doctor in Law

Mr. Oscar Ricor Morales.
“NON-PRACTISING ENGLISH SOLICITOR IN ENGLAND AND WALES”, under the “Solicitors Regulation Authority” (SRA) SRA number 519196 and practicing Spanish Solicitor under the “Colegio de Abogados de Orihuela”.

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